What are Some Common Parenting Time Arrangements?

Courts typically will approve any parenting schedule which both parents agree is in their children’s best interest. Even if you work well with your former spouse, a specific schedule in writing is required by law. That way, you each will have the same expectations of when you will be with the children. Often, cooperating parents will have a parenting arrangement structured in their parenting plan but will use common sense to adjust the schedule from time to time. Since each family is unique, parents need to determine which schedule works best for them and their children. This may change as the children get older or due to the natural evolution of the separate households. Arizona has adopted Model Parenting Plans which are often helpful. Some common arrangements include the following: the “5-5-2-2” plan which alternates weekends and gives one parent every Monday and Tuesday overnight and the other parent every Wednesday and Thursday overnight. This is an equal parenting time schedule; the “2-2-3-2-2-3” plan which alternates weekends and gives one parent Monday and Tuesday overnights one week and that same parent Wednesday and Thursday overnights the second week. This is also an equal parenting time schedule; and the “One week on/ one week off” plan, which often includes a mid-week dinner visit. This is another equal parenting time arrangement. Most parenting plans will also include: dividing school vacations and recesses; alternating major holidays; reasonable telephone/Facetime/Skype access; and vacation time.