What can I do if I Believe Someone Close to me is Violent or Dangerous?

Domestic violence is a serious and unfortunately prevalent issue in households across the country. Victims are oftentimes confused and do not know how to reach out for help. Orders of Protection are orders issued by a court that explicitly forbid a person from having contact with the person requesting the order. Depending on the circumstances, contact may be so limited as to prevent the person from coming within a certain distance of the requesting party, or to refrain from any sort of contact or communication, including texts, phone calls, and emails. Orders of Protection can include and protect multiple parties considered to be at risk, including children. However, there are limitations to who you may obtain an Order of Protection against. In Arizona, Orders of Protection can only be obtained against someone whom: you are married to, or at one time were married to; you reside in the same household with; you are in a serious dating relationship with or engaged to be married to; you are related by blood or marriage ; or you share a child with.